KFZ-Zulassungsdienst Swetlana

Of course, we are still there for you with COVID-19. Please call in advance to make an appointment so that there are no waiting times.

If you wish, we can collect your vehicle documents in Nuremberg, Fürth, Zirndorf, Schwabach, Erlangen, Neumarkt, Roth, Neustadt etc. and register your car within 24 hours.

Vehicle registration service Nuremberg Fürth Swetlana

We collect the necessary documents directly from you, whether at home or in your office, and register your car.

Your advantages:

  • All types of marks
  • Quickly approved
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Many years of experience and optimized processes

For car registration in the following cities, you can just visit us without an appointment:
Fürth, Zirndorf, Lauf, Erlangen, Schwabach

Your vehicle registration service in Nuremberg & Fürth

A service that moves!

Desired license plate

Do you want your initials or the wedding day on your license plate? We shape your desired license plate.

Short-term license plate

Do you want to transfer a motor vehicle, test drive it or demonstrate it to TÜV or Dekra? We shape your short-term license plates.

Collection and delivery service

We would be happy to prepare an individual offer for major customers and car dealerships. Get in touch with us and enjoy our service!

Seasonal license plate

Do you have a convertible, motorcycle or mobile home and only want to have them for a certain time of the year? We shape your season license plate.

Export license plate

Do you want to export a motor vehicle abroad? We stamp your export license plate.

Service that convinces

Do you have no time for TÜV tests, approvals, deregistrations, vehicle insurance, export documents, Euro 1, as well as supplier declarations or TÜV tests? We would be happy to do this for you.

Vehicle registration service Nuremberg Fürth Swetlana

A service that moves


KFZ-Zulassungsdienst Nürnberg Fürth Swetlana
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Phone: 0911 / 321 669 0
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